Storytelling is in our DNA

Humans love a good story. We’ve been sharing stories since we were – well – cave people smudging pictures onto rock. Even children know to lower their voices when scaring their friends with a spooky tale.  Storytelling can happen with billions of production dollars on movie screens across the world or for free next to a campfire.

Why all the fuss about storytelling? Stories and influence play an important role in communications today.

Just think about the last time you ate dinner at a new restaurant or bought a new product. Did you:

  • Hear about it from a friend on social media?
  • Read online reviews by strangers?
  • Write a review after your purchase?

Stories by friends and even strangers help us make our decisions about what to buy, what to do for fun or which nonprofit to support.

There’s power in storytelling.

ClearWing helps your brand fly

ClearWing uses brand storytelling to leverage your business’ strengths and inspire your audience to act. Public relations strategies, content plans and good, solid writing give your brand a lift.

ClearWing primarily works with companies who make the world a better place through innovation, technology and healthcare. We help our clients leverage a good story across owned channels, social channels, the media and through community outreach.

It’s your brand. You exist for your audience. ClearWing is here to help you engage them. To drive them to act. To achieve your goals. Let’s inspire your audience together.