Public relations strategy gives your brand a lift

ClearWing asks you what behavior you want to change and develops a public relations strategy to support your goals. Key messages integrate with storytelling to help people connect with your brand. Your story may be told through a number of tactics tying in paid, earned, shared and owned media as well as community events and outreach.

Earned media and the importance of media relations

A strong media relationship is often key to getting brand stories in front of readers, listeners and viewers. When approaching a new media contact – what is known as a blind pitch – it’s important to know how to break through the hundreds of pitches journalists get every day.

No matter who ClearWing pitches to, it’s critical to find media outlets and reporters that are the right fit for a brand’s story, press release or editorial.

Journalists appreciate working with a PR professional who helps them tell the story with relevant background information and images.

ClearWing can also provide media training for subject matter experts representing companies to be sure the key message is delivered.

Owned media & social media: online newsrooms, blogs and more

It’s no longer enough to depend on story pitches to get brand messages out to the public. Because of the ever-changing digital world, newsrooms at newspapers, magazines and broadcast stations tend to be significantly smaller than they were 10 or 15 years ago. ClearWing can help brands create platforms and content for sharing news with their audiences.

Messages on a brand’s owned media channels, such as an online newsroom and thought leadership blog, can be distributed through the organization’s social media channels. There, followers can engage and share the message with their own network.

Influencer marketing

Online influencers including foodies, beauties and DIYers are becoming one of the most sought-after ways to reach niche audiences. But it’s important to understand how influencer marketing works – it’s not the same as reaching out to a publication, and press releases are useless here. ClearWing understands how influencers work, what they want to talk about and how to propose a package that gets influencers talking about your brand.


As companies compete for shrinking media attention, paid media can also help fill a void. Companies can pay for space with some media outlets and create journalistic style news pieces an human interest stories instead of more traditional ads. In support of this strategy, ClearWing creates compelling content and strengthens it with photography and infographic concepts.

Community Outreach

Whether a brand has big changes to communicate or just helpful “news you can use,” community tours give companies targeted visibility with business and special interest groups. ClearWing can support companies by creating a speaking engagement plan, reach out to organizations to book speeches and strong speechwriting.

Press conferences, ribbon cuttings and other special events can help a company create newsworthy reasons to get their message in traditional media and collaborate with leaders and other organizations. These tactics work especially in the case of anniversaries, new location announcements.

To create a public relations strategy with ongoing support or for assistance with a one-time PR project, give ClearWing the scoop.